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Wedding Agency KARINA® - the competent consultant for your wedding in the Seychelles

The solution for binational couples who cannot obtain a Schengen visa, because citizens of all nations can travel to the Seychelles without a visa.

Who can get married in the Seychelles?

Anyone who is legally allowed to travel and can present the required documents can do this.

On-site support

We only offer weddings in the Seychelles with the personal support of an English-speaking wedding coordinator, who will book the wedding date at the registry office and organize your wedding.

Change of names
Names cannot be changed at a Seychelles wedding either. You can apply for a name change after marriage in your home country or at a consulate responsible for you in your home country in Europe.

The wedding
Your wedding ceremony will take place directly in your hotel or on the beach on the main island of Mahé.
Weddings take place from Tuesday to Friday. Personal registration must be made one day before the wedding.
The language of the ceremony is English and the cost of the witnesses is already included in the price. If you do not understand English, you will need an interpreter (price: approx. €100).

Legalisation / Apostille:
To register the marriage in most countries you need a legalized marriage certificate(s) with an apostille. After the ceremony, your wedding coordinator will have the marriage certificate(s) certified with apostilles. You will receive the legalized marriage certificate(s) approximately two working days after the ceremony or by registered mail or, for an additional charge, by DHL Express.

send COLOR scanned copies of these documents with e-mail:

1. Passport

2. (International) birth certificate – if not in English, with a certified translation into English, certified with an apostille or by the foreign ministry of the issuing country

3. if divorced: final decree of divorce, certificate of divorce or final decree of divorce (with final endorsement), certified with an apostille or by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs; if not in English, with a certified translation

Translator – link

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