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Wedding Agency KARINA® -
the competent advisor for your marriage in Hong Kong, Cyprus, Denmark, Georgia, Gibraltar and the Seychelles


The solution not only for bi-national couples whose documents no longer suffice for a wedding in Denmark


No birth certificates or certificates of marital status required!

Divorce decrees / death certificates do not have to be legalized!


Who can get married in Hong Kong?

Everybody who is legally allowed to travel to Hong Kong and can provide the required documents.


Citizens from about 170 countries travel visa-free (!!!) to Hong Kong. (Amongst others: Albania, Algeria, Belarus, Brazil, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Guinea, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Malaysia, Mozambique, Philippines, Russia, South Africa, Thailand as well as many other countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America etc.)

Find out if you need a visa for Hong Kong:

Visa - Link
(please click on the button "Part II" and scroll down to the list of countries)

If you wish, we also offer personal assistance / escort by Hong Kong based German and English speaking tour guides who will accompany you to all important Hong Kong destinations.

Please note: there is no name change upon a wedding in Hong Kong. You can request a name change after the wedding in your home country or at an embassy of your home country in the country of your residence.

In Hong Kong, you can get married about 4 weeks after submission of your documents to our agency. You should arrive in Hong Kong about 2 to 3 days before your wedding date. In our information e-mail you will receive recommendations for how to book accommodation next to your wedding venue, as well as many other important information for planning your trip.

The wedding
Your wedding ceremony will be held by a private registrar approved by the authorities of Hong Kong.
The language of the ceremony is English. If you do not speak or understand English, you need an interpreter whose service can also be booked through our agency.

Please note: You will receive a certified and legalized/apostilled copy of your marriage certificate not directly on the day of the wedding ceremony, but about 3 weeks after your wedding by (registered) letter, or - if you wish - by DHL Express. The original document (without an apostill) will be given to you immediately after the wedding ceremony.

Legalization / Apostille:
To register the wedding in the most countries, you need a legalized marriage certificate with an apostill. Our local partners also offer this service and can send you a legalized marriage certificate(s) by registered mail or DHL Express.

If further legalization is required for the use of the marriage certificate in a particular country, our local partners also offer this service.

Please send in color scanned copies of these documents by e-mail:

1. Passport for citizens of visa-free countries
Passport and a valid visa if, if Hong Kong requires a visa from citizens of your country (the visa can be submitted later)

2. if divorced or widowed: final divorce decree / divorce certificate or death certificate; if not issued in English, with certified / sworn translation

3. Marriage declaration (in English) which must be completed by both fiancés. The signature of one of the partners must be authenticated by a notary public in the country where this partner is permanently resident. You will receive the Notice of marriage by e-mail after sending us your documents.


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